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Author of Big-Hearted Parenting

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I'm Andrew Dutcher.

I am originally from New Brunswick and I am a Wolastoqey member of the Tobique First Nation. I currently live in Calgary, Alberta, where I am a husband, father of three kids, and I work as a child and adolescent psychiatrist with indigenous youth, and children in the child welfare system.

My mission is to keep indigenous families together, and to prevent any more indigenous children from being taken into the child welfare system in Canada. 

Make sure to visit my social media channel on TikTok, where I give parents and youth tips on maintaining mental wellness. In my spare time, I am also a real estate investor. 

New Book Release!

Big-Hearted Parenting Paperback Book Stack by Andrew Dutcher

Big-Hearted Parenting
Now Available in Paperback

Your past does affect you. While you can't change that, you can take steps right now to make things better for your kids. Andrew Dutcher has made it his professional mission to keep families together by equipping parents with the tools to improve relationships and create a loving home. Big-Hearted Parents are not perfect people, but they are committed to creating strong connections with their children that will stand the test of time.

Every parent has yelled at their child at least one time. But did you know that yelling is a form of communication that can be used effectively in certain situations?

Discover your yelling style and the strategies designed to help you communicate with your children so that you are not relying on yelling to get your kids to do what you ask them to do, or to listen to what you have to say. Imagine being able to help your kids through difficult situations, get them to do their chores, go to bed on time, and shut their phone off when asked. You are a Big-Hearted Parent for even picking this book up and considering how to make things better for your kids. By learning about and practicing the strategies in this book, you can train yourself to be a Big-Hearted Champion for your kids.

As a professional child and adolescent psychiatrist and a father of three, Andrew knows that life for a parent is not always easy. Today’s parent needs the skills and tips this book offers because your child will get to adulthood sooner than you think. Regardless of which stage of parenting you find yourself at, you can start today to make positive changes to build a stronger connection with your child and live in a more loving home.

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