Big-Hearted Parenting Paperback Book Stack by Andrew Dutcher

Big-Hearted Parenting

Andrew Dutcher believes in keeping families together by equipping parents with the tools to improve relationships and create a healthy and loving home environment. This book is different than other parenting books because it helps parents realize they are Big-Hearted Parents already and focuses on helping parents learn practical skills that will allow them to become a Big-Hearted Champion for their kids. Big-Hearted Parents are not perfect people, but they are committed to creating loving homes that are built upon strong connections with their children that will stand the test of time.

How often do you yell in your home?

Every parent has yelled at their child at least one time. But did you know that yelling is a form of communication?

Discover that there is wisdom in your yelling. 

You will learn that yelling is a form of communication that can be used in certain situations. Andrew helps parents know how to use yelling as a tool. In the process, you will learn alternate ways of communicating with your children so that you are not relying on yelling to get your kids to do what you ask them to do, or to listen to what you have to say.

Imagine being able to help your kids through difficult situations, get them to do some chores, go to bed, and shut their phone off when asked. All without yelling. This comes as a result of training yourself to be a Big-Hearted Champion.

As a professional child and adolescent psychiatrist, Andrew will share with you strategies that work so that you can improve your communication and connection with your kids. You will learn the skills necessary to develop more control over emotional situations that create the urge to yell.

Be the parent you’ve always wanted to be.

You can create a loving home once you understand that every parent is trying to make their own child's life a little bit better than the way they had it growing up. Not every parent was given the necessary skills to succeed at being the parent that they want to be. Are you ready to take your parenting to a whole new level where your child will get to experience you communicating more effectively with them, but also learn those skills themselves and be able to better connect with their kids one day?

After working with many unique types of families in his clinical practice, and as a parent of three kids, Andrew knows that life for a parent is not always easy. You have demands from work, your home life and relationships. When you yell, it is a sign that you as the parent care about your kids and want to see positive change take place. You want to see something be different in your environment, and you want life to be better.

Your Kids Will Become Adults Sooner Than You Think.

Today’s parent needs the skills and tips this book offers because your child will get to adulthood sooner than you think. Regardless of which stage of parenting you find yourself at, you can start today to make positive changes to build a stronger connection with your child. This will help teach your child how to talk about what’s going on for them in their life. They will know that they are loved through this process.

Make the critical choice to start today.

You can grow as a parent. You can become the parent that you never had, or always wanted to be. Now is the time to figure out how to give your child the skills you were not given. Many of the tips in this book will work for you and your family if you are willing to try them out.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain as Andrew coaches you on how to implement these proven strategies into your parenting so you can create a loving home by yelling less and connecting more with your kids. This is what it means to be a Big-Hearted Parent.